The World's End

The World’s End (2013)

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Funny man Simon Pegg plays an over the top strung out has been who desperately seeks the attention of his old friends. This story has a twist in it, while things seem fairly normal, Gary King (Simon Pegg) attempts to organize a rebellion to save humanity from being taken over via Invasion of the Body Snatchers style scenario. This leads to the comedy, but it falls flat in some parts of the film.

This brand of British humor directed by Edgar Wright might not appeal to some, but I found the film amusing enough to sit through and chuckled a few times at some of the ridiculous moments that happen. This comedic partnership dates back to the (2004) release of the film Shaun of the Dead when Edgar Wright previously worked with Simon Pegg.

Simon Pegg seems to surround himself with notable talent in his films; this film is once again an example of this as it includes the likes of Martin Freeman who plays Oliver Chamberlain one of his best friends. You might know Martin from The Hobbit films or the Sherlock television series.

Eddie Marsan plays another friend named Peter Page; ironically he appeared in Sherlock Holmes (2009) the feature film starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Nick Frost has also previously worked with Simon Pegg on Shaun of the Dead (2004). His character Andy Knightley in The World’s End is very over the top and quite pushy taking no prisoners also the way. Actually I think his performance was one of the better ones in this film. Paddy Considine plays another friend named Steven Prince who is fixated on Sam (Rosamund Pike).

The lovely Rosamund Pike is in this film playing a character named “Sam Chamberlain”. (As the Olympics have come to a close, Russian figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaya did well but didn’t get the gold medal. However, she certainly could pass to be Rosamund Pike’s long lost daughter or even play her in a film in my opinion – with such a resemblance to her. I hope a casting director can picture this and launch a secondary career for this young lady).

There are a few other noteworthy appearances in this including Pierce Brosnan who plays Guy Shepherd, David Bradley (from Harry Potter) as Basil, Michael Smiley as Reverend Green and Bill Nighy is the The Network (voice). Another title which was released within the same year titled This Is the End (2013) may find its way to audiences for a laugh or two.

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Top 5 Gambling Movies

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Top Five Gambling Movies

If you’re a true gambling aficionado then the odds are you’re comfortable dealing with taking risks and high-stakes decisions. But when it comes to kicking back and relaxing, don’t leave your choice of entertainment up to chance. In this article we compiled a list of the top five gambling movies; perfect for watching on your own or with friends.

1. Rounders (1998)

Director: John Dahl
Stars: Matt Damon, Edward Norton, John Malkovich
Running time: 121 min

Rounders pulls out a chair for you at the tables of seedy, underground high-stakes poker rooms and reveals the grim details through the perspective of highly talented poker player and law student Mick McDermott (Matt Damon). His winning roll comes to a sudden end when he loses all his money to Teddy KGB (John Malkovich), a Russian crime boss.

Promising himself never to touch the cards again, McDermott decides to move on and concentrate on his studies and budding love relationship instead. But things take an unexpected twist when his childhood friend Lester ‘Worm’ Murphy (Edward Norton) is released from jail and has to pay his poker debts back. Soon, Mick is back visiting the tables to play high-stakes games with his friend in a last-ditch attempt to raise the money in time and escape the clutches of the gambling underworld.
Good news: Rounders 2 is in development!

2. Casino (1995)

Director: Martin Scorsese
Stars: Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci
Running time: 178 min

Casino gives an insight into the darker side of Las Vegas. Beneath the glamour and glitz, there lies a world brimming with corruption and cruelty. Ace Rothstein (Robert De Niro), a bookkeeper, teams up with Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci), a gangster, to take on Las Vegas and strike it big in the city. Ace manages the business at the Tangiers casino, whilst Nicky ensures clients pay their dues by robbing and intimidating any players who skip payments.

Things get complicated when Ace falls for a married prostitute, Ginger (Sharon Stone), and Nicky becomes increasingly dependent on drugs and violence to get by. The film tells of the rise and fall of their personal and business lives as their gambling kingdoms starts falling apart under the pressures of corrupt government workers, rival gangs and an ongoing FBI investigation that threaten to uncover their operations and send them to prison.

3. Owning Mahowny (2003)

Director: Richard Kwietniowski
Stars: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Minnie Driver, John Hurt
Running time: 104 min

Owning Mahowny is the true story of a mild-mannered banker, Dan Mahowny (Philip Seymour Hoffman), who to all and sundry was a normal guy; dedicated to his work, a bit introverted and shy. But no one expected Mahowny to be a fraudster who in just eighteen months, single-handedly embezzled over $10 million from his workplace to feed his gambling addiction.

The film chronicles the biggest bank fraud in Canadian history and was partly shot in Toronto and the Niagara Falls. The real action happens in Atlantic City, where Dan Mahowny’s gambling obsession is fueled further by a greedy casino manager (John Hurt) who treats him like royalty.

Mahawny’s compulsion soon creeps into all aspects of his life; poisoning his relationship with Belinda (Minnie Driver) and driving Mahowny to greater lengths to cover up his misdeeds. Owning Mahowny doesn’t focus that much on the glamour of the casino, but emphasises mainly the negatives effects of unchecked gambling addiction on a vulnerable individual.

Over ten years on and the Canadian gambling scene is now popular online as well as in ‘bricks and mortar’ casinos, and thankfully not involving many heists!

4. Hard Eight (1996)

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Stars: Philip Baker Hall, John C. Reilly, Gwyneth Paltrow
Running time: 102 min

Hard Eight’s gives more than a passing nod to the classic noir films with its gripping storytelling full of drama and twists. The film begins with John, a washed out gambler brooding over his recent losses, at a restaurant. Fate, however, seems to have an unexpected card to deal to him. Sydney, a veteran gambler, agrees to take John under his wing and turn him into a star player and coach him to earn enough money for his mother’s funeral.

Through Sydney’s coaching, John becomes a successful professional gambler and starts dating Clementine, a cocktail waitress who also works as a prostitute. Clementine’s lifestyle doesn’t seem to bother John, until they get married and a dark secret about Sydney’s past threatens to turn their lives upside down.

5. The Big Town (1987)

Director: Ben Bolt
Stars: Matt Dillon, Diane Lane, Tommy Lee Jones
Running time: 109 min

The Big Town is a film drama that tells the account of J.C. Cullen, a small-time gambler who heads to Chicago to find fame and fortune. When he arrives in the city, he immediately becomes embroiled in the schemings of a high-rolling professional gambling couple, Mr and Mrs Edwards, and soon after is relieved of all his money at the Gem Club owned by Cole.

Not one to give up easily, Cullen seeks to get himself up on his feet again and in the meantime finds himself in two love affairs at the same time with the Cole’s stripper wife and another girl he meets in town. When Cole discovers the affair between Cullen and his wife, he plots his revenge at the craps tables, where he wagers everything including his club for a chance to get back at Cullen.

Is the popcorn ready yet?

There you go. You’ve got your next DVD night all planned out and you’ll still be enjoying some great gambling action, while still giving your bankroll a break. So dim the lights, find a comfy spot and let the good times roll.

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Time Machine

The Time Machine (1960)

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There are only a few films which have such an impact and lasting impression after having seen them. This film is one of these special standouts; it is an absolute classic masterpiece which still holds up as good quality entertainment. This film is based upon a book first published way back in 1895 simply titled The Time Machine by then Novelist, teacher, historian and journalist H. G. Wells (Herbert George Wells).

This story is told in such a whimsically and fantastical way, it leaves you pondering a rather famous question which is asked at the ending, giving the audience a real good chance to think it over. This film was directed by George Pal a man who had quite a career directing mostly short films.

The first time I caught a glimpse of this film, I was inside a Radio Shack store with my father. The film was playing on a television there back when LaserDisc (LD) was still around. I was fairly young and immediately captivated by what I watched. Only later was I able to see the full length feature from start to end.

The premise of this story is rather straight forward; it follows a Victorian Englishman who happens to be a scientist and inventor of sorts. His fondness for adventure and curiosity gets him into otherworldly situations yet everything which happens is actually on Earth itself, only in a different time and space. He later finds that after numerous wars and destruction, the world has changed to quite an extreme, leaving the world with two species each living off one another in different ways.

The main character amply named H. George Wells is played by actor Rod Taylor who has appeared in other standout films such as the Alfred Hitchcock classic The Birds (1963). His role in The Time Machine is one of his greatest appearances on screen, by this Australian actor – if not the very best.

Wells has a small number of social friends in the story, but his very best acquaintance is his good friend David Filby (Alan Young). Tom Helmore also appears in this film, he also acted in an Alfred Hitchcock film which is rather well known titled Vertigo (1958). Rounding out his group of friends also includes the late British actor Sebastian Cabot as Dr. Philip Hillyer and New York native Whit Bissell as Walter Kemp.

Later on, James Filby is shown in a few scenes he is the son of David. Actor Alan Young played both parts and has appeared in numerous films and television appearances one most notably as Wilbur Post on the television series Mister Ed which aired between 1958 until 1966.

When Weena appears on screen as a love interest for Taylor’s character you can’t help but be smitten by her. She plays the futuristic female. Yvette Mimieux portrays this character and certainly lights up the screen.

Towards the middle to end of the film, the Morlocks finally appear, they are a fictional species created by H. G. Wells for his 1895 novel. The Morlocks and the Eloi (humans of the future) are referenced in other films including the Mel Gibson feature Ransom (1996) by actor Gary Sinise.

There has been an updated released version of this film released back in 2002 using the same title The Time Machine. It falls short by comparison, but is an interesting take on the original story by H. G. Wells. This is my favorite film of all time; it is an incredible journey and amazing filmmaking on a budget of only $750,000 back in 1960. This is a wonderful film to experience with family and friends together.

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The Heat

The Heat (2013)

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Two chaotic cavaliers take charge in this comedy action buddy type film, with both of them butting heads initially. It is easy to see why both of these women were chosen for these roles. Overall, the film was entertaining enough to sit through; it is however loaded with lots of language and some violence which may turn away some viewers.

The gags used were humorous in certain moments, actress Melissa McCarthy stars as Mullins; she is the cousin of actress/model Jenny McCarthy. (Jenny was a Playboy Playmate and hostess for MTV television network years ago) Melissa is red hot right now in Hollywood with her career.

Sandra Bullock also stars in this film as Ashburn, her characters personal life is quite lonely, and she is very forcefully opinionated. Both of them play off one another quite well, and come across as a pretty good duo on screen.

I rubbed my eyes and was surprised to see from SNL (Saturday Night Live) television fame, Jane Curtin who is the mother of Mullins and her dysfunctional family. Michael Rapaport plays Mullins troubled brother named Jason.

It was good to see Jane on screen again. Funny man Marlon Wayans also appears in this film playing Levy a FBI agent. Mexican actor Demian Bichir portrays the captain named Hale from the FBI. You might remember Thomas F. Wilson from the Back to the Future franchise movies as Biff Tannen in this film; he plays Captain Woods trying to keep Mullins under some type of control.

By comparison, this good cop/mad cop comedy is amusing and reminiscent of films like Beverly Hills Cop starring Eddie Murphy or the Lethal Weapon franchise starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

Melissa McCarthy is so over the top with her performance, she carries this film as Sandra Bullock plays catch up to her. It seems they had fun while filming this and it shows itself in some scenes. Paul Feig directed this film; he has previously worked with Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids (2011).

Also, he created the television series Freaks and Geeks which aired for one season back in 1999, this series helped launch the careers of James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jason Segel. Writer Katie Dippold was responsible for the screenplay and has worked on television series such as MADtv (1995) and Parks and Recreation (2009).

The budget for this film was in the neighborhood of around $43 million and it did well earning a gross of $159,568,801 here in the states. This was a pretty decent hit at the box office and a sequel in already in the works titled “The Heat 2” due out within the next few years.

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Now You See Me (2013)

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This was a fun filled French-American fantasy ride set in a modern day setting. The film includes a collective cast which delivers well and the direction by Louis Leterrier sets forth the illusion to trick the audience into what they are watching. This film reunites both Woody Harrelson who plays Merritt McKinney and Jesse Eisenberg who plays J. Daniel Atlas. Previously, the two appeared together in the comedy horror film Zombieland released back in 2009.

Dave Franco plays freewheeling and dealing Jack Wilder with a number of tricks up his sleeve, he is the younger brother of actor James Franco. Lastly, saucy redhead actress Isla Fisher plays Henley Reeves. (She is married to funny man actor Sacha Baron Cohen who was considered for a role in this film) Together, these four are magicians have enough magic tricks to pull the wall over everyone’s eyes. The film takes place mostly in Las Vegas and you see enough razzle dazzle to keep your interest throughout the film.

Mark Ruffalo plays Dylan Rhodes an agent who is in constant pursuit of the fab four “Horseman” who are magic dealing troublemakers. Each tarot card shown in the story represents one of the magicians. Mélanie Laurent plays Alma Dray. (She is a French actress previously seen in the Quentin Tarantino film Inglourious Basterds (2009). Both Morgan Freeman (Thaddeus Bradley) and Michael Caine (Arthur Tressler) appear in this film as well. (They have previously appeared in the Christopher Nolan Batman franchise films)

What made this film work is the elaborate special effects and trickery used; the story was not so solid, yet made to seem believable including the card trick used within the opening sequence and for that trick, there were no special effects used. The screenplay was a collaboration created by Ed Solomon, Boaz Yakin, and Edward Ricourt. Things heat up fast when these four magicians team up together presenting bank robbery as a form of entertainment. Afterwards, they are constantly chased which brings forth the action and energy this film exudes.

This film had quite a large budget around 75 million dollars, it earned almost 118 million at the box office. The cast who appear in this film playing the “Four Horsemen” were not the original choices; Hugh Grant, Jim Carrey, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sacha Baron Cohen, Colin Firth, Amanda Seyfried, and Olivia Wilde were all considered. (Maybe having these actors would have blown the budget entirely – so they were tossed to the side; scheduling conflicts also seemed to play a part)

I thought this film was certainly worthy of seeing; it presents itself as a modern day fairy tale with the use of magic tricks and a really nice twist in the story towards the end of the film. It is a film you can watch with family and friends and enjoy together. It is considered a mystery thriller type film and delivers well.

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Thor: The Dark World (2013)

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The mighty Thor returns again played by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, this time by his side and not so much against him is the trickster Loki (his brother) played by British actor Tom Hiddleston. These Norse mythological legendary characters have fascinated many ever since people told tales by their campfires.

If you have seen the original release back in 2011, you should recall the same actors reprising their roles once again. Who else but Anthony Hopkins could play the father of these godly beings as Odin? Frigga is his second half and is portrayed by Rene Russo. I found just with the first film a nice rounded cast which really helps bring this story life.

This film has Disney and Marvel studio behind it and the origination of the character first premiered in Journey into Mystery issue number #83. Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and the late Jack Kirby brought to the comic book world a fantastically incredible and larger than life character. He would later pair up with other comic characters in great adventures including: Asgard Avengers,Warriors Three, Thor Corps, God Squad and Avengers Unity Squad.

Natalie Portman returns in this film playing Jane Foster an often curious (much like Lois Lane from the Superman story) her personality seems to get her into trouble and adds much excitement to her life. Also easy on the eyes is South Carolina native Jaimie Alexander who also appeared in the first film returning as Sif the warrior.

Kat Dennings brings her comic timing to this film again playing Darcy Lewis (Jane’s friend and colleague) she was hilariously entertaining in each scene, you can see her currently on the television series 2 Broke Girls (2011). Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård also returns playing the often scatterbrained scientist Erik Selvig. Idris Elba returns as Heimdall the brother of Sif. British actor Ray Stevenson also returns as Volstagg. Model and actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje also appears in this film.

You might not recognize him without the extensive amount of makeup on his face, but it is Christopher Eccleston he was menacing as Malekith.

This movie was filmed around Shepperton Studios in the UK and Iceland among other locations. I guess director Alan Taylor wanted to use these spots to bring a certain look to the film and it seemed to work well. Alan is known for his work including the television series The Sopranos (1999). This screenplay was written by Christopher Yost, Christopher Markus, and Stephen McFeely both Don Payne and Robert Rodat are responsible for the story.

Would I recommend seeing this while it’s still in the theater? Absolutely, it was a treat and the special effects were well put together. What helps drive this film along is nice mix of humor and action sequences.

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Flight (2012)

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This film was much more than it seemed to be from the trailer, it was about a sense of purpose of one man who desperately was seeking change in his life but was afraid to admit it to himself. He is conflicted and an alcoholic who is behind the wheel of an md80 airplane (or what appears to be one) carrying many passengers and crew.

Denzel Washington really seemed to get into this role as a flawed drunk flying hero; I think this is one of his best performances in his career. I’ve always been impressed with him as an actor, there is a reason he keeps working in such a tough industry. The film is expressive in its own way – demonstrating some formal procedures in a fairly realistic scenario in the event of an airline disaster such as this.

Many actual pilots, who actually watched this film, didn’t think it was technically accurate to what would happen. As often in Hollywood, things are glamorized and a sense of sensationalism starts to kick in. I think the general moving going audience will appreciate this film for what it is. It was a drama with characters that were searching for a new outlook in their life and I think many people can identify with this.

Whip is the name of the hotshot captain which Denzel plays; with his substance abuse especially the drinking it sends him over the edge and into the arms of redheaded actress Kelly Reilly from the United Kingdom – who plays a crack cocaine addict named Nicole trying to recover from her earlier life motives. Whip also tries to reconcile with his family in several scenes in the film.

Robert Zemeckis is the captain (director) of this film, he has brought some great films to light including Forest Gump, Back to the Future and Castaway to name a few. This is another standout in his collection; his reason for getting on board with this project was due to him logging about 1,600 hours in the cockpit and meeting with screenwriter John Gatins who originally came up with “Flight’s” outline back in 1999. There was some speculation whether or not this film would even get made and eventually it came to production with a $31,000,000 million budget.

Perhaps one of the standout characters in this story was actor John Goodman who plays Harling Mays a drug dealer and buddy of Whip’s. Bruce Greenwood plays longtime friend to Whip named Charlie Anderson. Also, Don Cheadle plays criminal defense attorney Hugh Lang who takes no BS. Some of the other cast includes Nadine Velazquez who plays Katerina Marquez, Tamara Tunie who plays Margaret Thomason and Brian Geraghty plays Ken Evans.

This story follows what leads up to the airline crash and the aftermath, and I think most people will find it worthy to see. If you are searching for a solid drama then this film might be for you.

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Identity Thief (2013)

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The way these two leading actors played off of one another was quite amusing to see, Jason Bateman plays a character named Sandy Patterson. (For those who don’t know Justine Bateman is Jason’s older sister, she is best known as Mallory Keaton from the television series Family Ties (1982).

Actress Melissa McCarthy co-stars in this misfit mayhem tale gone awry, she plays Diana a con artist using every trick she can up her sleeve to make things happen for her as she generally feels like an outcast. This time she crosses paths with Sandy (Jason Bateman) and his life by taking his identity away and using it to buy things in a myriad of funny moments.

What I liked most of all about this film is the dynamics both Diana and Sandy had with one another. Actually, Jason Bateman recommended that Melissa McCarthy be considered for the role to director Seth Gordon who previously worked with Bateman on the film Horrible Bosses (2011). (Another film by Seth Gordon worth seeing was Four Christmases released back in 2008) I missed seeing Identity Thief in the theater, but enjoyed it on DVD. I recommend everyone catch this film sometime, it was a pretty clever comedy overall. This film proves once again that pairing the right actors together makes a world of difference.

Identity Thief has something to say about friendships and overcoming differences, towards the second half of the film you can see there is more here than a generic comedy. Stick around until the ending I think most people should find this worthwhile.

Director and actor Jon Favreau also appears in Identity Thief playing Harold Cornish. Amanda Peet appears as Trish Patterson, also Robert Patrick plays Skiptracer and Jonathan Banks (Mike from Breaking Bad television series) plays Paul. Rapper and actor T.I. (Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.) plays a character named Julian and John Cho plays Daniel Casey.

Identity Thief was written by Craig Mazin with the story also by Jerry Eeten. Craig Mazin has worked on other films such as Scary Movie 4 and The Hangover franchise films parts 2 and 3.

Overall, the film did rather well upon release at the box office with a solid advertising campaign propelling it along earning a gross of $134,455,175 with a production cost of around $35 million.

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Paranormal Activity 4 (2013)

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This is the fourth installment of this popular franchise series of strange yet supernatural encounters. The first film was released back in 2007 and has since spawned a fan base of “reality based” type occurrences. Not since the The Blair Witch Project released back in 1999 has a horror film appeased the masses. Both of these films have been produced on a shoe string budget afterwards having the good fortune to be released and distributed through a major studio.

This film keeps only a little bit of continuity which is questioned in the later half of the film; with the return of Katie Featherston who appeared in the original release and the sequels as Katie. The premise is her character is possessed by a demonic force which seems to take control of her, ever since she was a young child; she has been marked by this supernatural otherworldly presence.

Paranormal Activity 4 was produced with a budget of $5 million dollars; this is quite a leap from the original film which had a budget of $15,000 dollars. My wife and I watched the unrated edition of this film and both were disappointed overall. It is the weakest release to date. With a larger budget, the film could have been better in both the plot and sequences.

I did however think the casting was fine with Kathryn Newton she plays Alex; the story revolves around her and her family living in their neighborhood alongside her adopted brother Wyatt played by Aiden Lovekamp. Things start getting spooky when Wyatt’s new neighborhood friend Robbie played by Brady Allen shows up and stays with them. Matt Shively plays Ben and flirts with Kathryn Newton in a few scenes. He provides some sense of comedy relief in this story.

As with the other Paranormal Activity films, the audience watches what happens in playback mode. Each scene is shown with a series of recorded events which took place through strategically placed cameras in each room capturing the unthinkable. This time camera shots throughout the house come from laptop computers which include some first person perspectives. The use of pixel point dots on the camera in the living room was pretty interesting for the effect.

Probably the most eerie thing surrounding this film is the tragic death of one of the cast members. It is actor Stephen Dunham who plays Doug (the father). He suffered a heart attack and died on September 14, 2012, on his 48th birthday, in Burbank, California. Stephen was best known as Edward Pillows on the television series DAG. Alexondra Lee Stephen’s real life wife also appears in Paranormal Activity 4 as Holly. They were married for 7 years. Sprague Grayden portrays Adult Kristi (the mother) married to Stephen’s character Doug.

I think audiences will find this film to be entertaining, but it seemed to suffer a lack of further creativity by screenwriter Christopher Landon with the story by Chad Feehan. The film was directed by Henry Joost who previously worked on Paranormal Activity 3. Ariel Schulman also worked on the previous release as well.

Even still, I think fans of this series will appreciate it for what its worth, it keeps you wondering what might happen next, and that has always been the strength of this paranormal series. Just don’t expect an amazing ending to this release as it falls flat.

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Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

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This story has been re-hashed a number of times over the years, originally contrived back in Briton based upon Benjamin Tabart’s story version and during the King Arthur’s legacy, this is a tale about a young man who battles giants living high in the sky. Nicholas Hoult portrays Jack who is a mere farm boy awaiting a further fate in his life when he first locks eyes on Eleanor Tomlinson who plays Isabelle, the daughter of King Brahmwell played by Ian McShane. You might remember him from films such as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) playing the dreaded Blackbeard pirate.

Both Ewan McGregor (Elmont) and Stanley Tucci (Roderick) appear in this film, Ewan is more of a noble knight and Tucci plays things more sinister. I think having these guys in this film was fine and didn’t distract from the story. This is a real larger than life type of a fantasy film – sort of speak. An enormous amount of special effects were used costing the film upwards of around $185 to $200 million to produce. Unfortunately, the film fell flat at the box office not yielding any real profit. The development of the film started back in 2005.

By accident Jack carries the burden of safe keeping magical beans from a horse trade. Later on in the story these strange yet magical beans produce stalks which reach high above into the sky, transforming them into a magical staircase where both giants and the rest of the people in the land can cross between both worlds. This great tragedy nearly destroyed the world once before and now people are faced once again with overcoming the impossible fending for their lives and kingdom.

Most people should find this film to be quite entertaining; you can see the large amounts of special effects on screen. This isn’t the best thing about the film, but it did add a sense of wonderment. The cast did a fine job with their roles, and with Bryan Singer at the director’s helm, it seemed to work out. He has past experience with science fiction and fantasy productions including the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past due out in 2014. Previously, Singer directed the first two of the X-Men film franchise features.

This fast-paced fairy tale keeps the plot moving along and doesn’t stretch out too badly, perhaps some of the fight scenes could have been shaved down – but it is to be expected nowadays in modern cinema and the modern movie going audience. I recommend catching this film sometime; it is a film you can enjoy with family and friends together.

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