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A Haunted House (2013)

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This offbeat comedy was something indeed; it was kind of like watching an accident unfold in slow motion. It was over the top right from the start and its mission was to spoof the Paranormal Activity films. I understand what they were going for; I think it could have been better toning down some of the sex gags. In some ways, it was rather clever however.

Marlon Wayans stars in this story playing Malcolm; he is a fairly normal guy, looking to get into a serious relationship. His character has done pretty well in life and has a housekeeper named Rosa played by Marlene Forte. Her character was wild and over the top as well. The problems keep on happening for him in his love life and where he lives. It turns out his girlfriend is possessed by a ghost.

His girlfriend is played by Essence Atkins; in real life they are both 41 years old. I think she was the right choice for this role, it was rather kooky and dramatically she had a number of scenes, which were crucial to convincing the audience this is actually happening; even though this is a comedy setting. This film more than likely will offend a number of people with the jokes used; the filmmakers pretty much covered every stereotype and racial profiling which might happen.

Michael Tiddes directed this film and is currently filming the sequel to this film titled A Haunted House 2 due to be released sometime next year. It doesn’t seem that Essence will return as Malcolm’s girlfriend. And some new casting has recently been concluded.

I found Cedric the Entertainer and his role in this to be the highlight of the film, he plays an ex-convict turned reverend named Father Williams. Most of his lines were the punchline and he delivers them quite amusingly. David Koechner also appears in this film as Dan the Security Man a perverted home security expert and ghost hunter.

Nick Swardson also takes things to an extreme playing Chip the Psychic who in every scene instigates his desire for Malcolm as his character is openly gay. Dave Sheridan also has a small role in this as Bob a sidekick character to Dan the Security Man. I don’t think many would recognize him as his character wears big bifocal glasses.

The sex jokes are pretty much non-stop throughout the entire movie. Maybe this is why it reached number one at the box office. It seems people were “in the mood” for something like this. Or perhaps it was marketed well, whatever the case might be, it was successful and as previously mentioned a sequel is in the works. If you are open minded enough for something way over the top, I can recommend this. Otherwise, skip it as it will be a waste of time for you.

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