Half Life

Half Life (2006)

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This is one Demi Moore picture which I missed until recently, actually both my wife and I thought it was a good film. It centers around a writer named Rachel Carlson who decides to change her life after experiencing such great loss in her life. Demi Moore is a fine actress and I think this was one of her better films. I’m not sure how she was picked for the role, but this film is reminiscent of Ghost (1990) in some way dealing with spirits and death. A film which she starred in long ago.

Henry Ian Cusick portays Demi’s husband in this film Brian and comes across as a real jerk, he did well playing this role, however don’t look for him to be around much as his role is rather limited. You may know him from the television series Lost (2004) or The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John (2003).

The film Half Light (2006) has a rather small cast, but don’t let that defer you from watching it, as it lures you in until the end where you see what ultimately unfolds. The screenplay was written by John Goldsmith who has several upcoming productions in the works.

This would be considered a dramatic horror tale with some thriller aspects to it. What really was interesting to see was the setting, this film takes place in Cornwall and Llanddwyn, UK to name a few. Even though some of the scenic shots were overcast, they provided a good atmosphere for the film helping to set the mood.

The main story shows the death of her son played by English actor and chorister Beans El-Balawi. Another familiar face in this was veteran actor James Cosmo who is from Scotland, UK he plays Finlay Murray. You might remember James from films like Braveheart (1995), Troy (2004) and The Game of Thrones television series.

His wife Mary Murray is played by Joanna Hole, she has appeared in the Agatha Christie television series Miss Marple (1987). You can see her again in the upcoming film Effie (2013) soon to be released which stars Dakota Fanning, Emma Thompson, and Robbie Coltrane.

Kate Isitt also appears in this film as Sharon Winton the BFF (best female friend) of Demi Moore’s character Rachel Carlson. I believe I’ve seen her in something else like the film The Saint (2007) with Val Kilmer and Elisabeth Shue as a featured extra. But, she has appeared in a number of television series.

What was really great about this film, were the transitions which were used and the cinematography. It seemed to effortlessly blend throughout the film the entire time. Some films struggle with this, but the DOP (director of photography) for this film was Ashley Rowe who has worked on other films like Alfie (2004). This really helps this film and this is another example of having good talent help tell your tale.

All in all, I do recommend watching this one sometime as it really is a good mystery type film. It flirts with ghostly spirits and does captivate you for the journey. Most people should find the locations rather interesting and this is certainly one of the films strengths.

There are others who didn’t seem to appreciate this type story, but it keeps its mystery movie aura from start to finish. At certain moments it keeps you guessing what might happen until the end as the story which can go in different directions.

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