Hit and Run (2012)

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What really was amusing was how this film unfolds; it has a bit of everything, but really focuses on the relationship between the leading two characters. Both real life husband and wife couple Dax Shepard (who found his initial fame from Mtv’s  Punkd cooked up by actor Ashton Kutcher and his crew) plays Yul Perrkins a.k.a. Charles Bronson, he is a deceitful and dramatic character. However, he is completely smitten by real life wife actress Kristen Bell, who plays his girlfriend a character named Annie Bean.  He seems to stop at nothing to look out for their best interests from his perspective anyway.

Kristen Bell was charming and sophistically awkward with her scenes, I guess this was done intentional for the character; she was headstrong and ready to cease the day.  The main part of the story or mission was her getting to an interview for a job in Los Angeles.

They embark on this wild ride road trip, being chased by the Feds and former gang members, which lead them into danger and divine comedy provided by slapstick type gags. There are a few other faces in this film you might know, including Bradley Cooper who plays long time partner in crime friend Alex Dmitri. This guy certainly has his issues, as you will find out watching this film. A hot headed and deranged type character, he is played well by Bradley.

Kristin Chenoweth appears in this film playing Debby Kreeger, she is spunky in each film it seems.  If you are a Superman fan, you will remember seeing Michael Rosenbaum in the television series Smallville, which aired back in 2001-2011 only this time he has more hair. He plays a character named Gil Rathbinn, a former flame of Annie’s. Jess Rowland also is in this film playing a gay police officer character named Terry Rathbinn. He was convincing and humorous with his portrayal.  Also, actress Joy Bryant plays a character named Neve, she was pretty tough.

I think what worked well was the creativeness or shall I say silliness this film shows. Dax Shepard not only directed this film, but he also had written the screenplay for it. This might explain why funny man turned actor – Tom Arnold appears in this film as well playing Randy Anderson.  He is good friends with Dax Shepard in real life, previously suffering from a hernia surgery and a chest full of staples, he was encouraged by his friend to do his own stunt work, and it seemed to help him recover.

This brand of humor consisting of quirky and quick one-liners is quite typical of Dax Shepard, who really had his own stage to perform on with this film. The cast and crew seemed like they had a jolly ole time making this and is shows with some scenes.  The film may appear slightly a slow starter, but does get going after a while.  I think most people will enjoy seeing this one sometime as it provides an over the top story with a mix of action, comedy and romantic moments.

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