Incendiary (2008)


After watching this movie, I come to realize how lucky people can be, and how unfortunate. This is an emotional type drama movie with some action to it. The story goes such as this, a woman who has cheated on her husband in adultery ends up losing everything she loves from an explosion at a soccer game set in Northern London from terrorism.

Actress Michelle Williams is the leading character in this movie; and she does a convincing British accent simply known as Young Mother in the title role. Her son “The Boy” is played by Sidney Johnston. Actor Ewan McGregor stars as Jasper Black. Michelle Williams’s character wishes she was dead to. She then goes through an emotional roller coaster of grief and sorrow in pursuit of revenge and justice.

What this film does effectively is showcase tragedy and does so on different levels. There is a sense of betrayal and guilt that exists throughout the storyline. These people are struck with such heartbreak and tragedy that it certainly changes things for them in their lives. From this happening – Michelle’s character is left devastated, she is out for vengeance, meanwhile trying to overcome thoughts of suicide. She is quite delusional and tries to step up to what has happened to her.

I believe this film could have been better, but with Michelle Williams and her performance it was worthy of sticking through until the end. This film might put off some people, and it is kind of a narrow targeted audience who the producers were going for. With a budget of around $10,000,000 million, it is easy to see why some scenes were done the way they were.
There are scenes with Michelle oozing massive amounts emotions throughout the film and she is brilliant in each of the scenes really.

The movie was based on a novel, and the story is directed by Sharon Maguire who was the director on other movies such as Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001). This is a completely different movie by comparison, but he did creatively well. If you are in the mood for a character driven dramatic story full of emotion then this might be worth taking a look at.