Iron Man

Iron Man 3 (2013)

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After having seen this film, I think it provides the audience with an interesting look at the core characters in the story from a different vantage point. Iron Man is more vulnerable than before and he uses his different gadgets to aid him once again. There are quite a few scenes which were rather imaginative; especially his flying armor – which attaches to him in the most dire of situations, granting him much needed protection.

Much like Batman, his character is wealthy and has a real chip on his shoulders. This often leads the character into trouble yet empowers him with the insight to overcome things – finding his way ahead when he is near fatal disaster. This seems to be a recurring theme with films such as this.

The trailer is deceptive in some ways, but I think audiences will be all around pleasantly surprised with this Iron Man release. For the first time, audiences will see Iron Man more clearly focused on what is really important in his life, that being Pepper Potts among his sense for saving those in need. There are a few scenes with a young boy named Harley Keener played by Ty Simpkins, who you might know from the film Insidious released back in 2010.

I can’t imagine why both Tony Stark and Pepper Potts continue to stay together, but ultimately this is what this film is about underneath the armor and the action scenes. She is attracted to the chaos in his life and he gives himself a reason to fight with her in his life. I think the film tries to show their passion for one another amongst the comedy and problems they face together to overcome. Perhaps they are perfect for one another.

Guy Pearce plays Aldrich Killian a rival to Tony and is a master at manipulating things to get what he wants including the ways of science. I believe his character was difficult to cast and I think Guy was a good choice for the part. Jon Favreau returns playing Happy Hogan – a long term friend to Tony. Jon also was a producer on this film and previously played this role in both of the other films which he directed as well.

Shane Black was the director of this film, and he wanted to showcase women in a different light within a superhero franchise film. This according to him, the idea originated long before filming started. This lead to the reasoning for each of the scenes between both Gwyneth Paltrow who plays Pepper Potts and Rebecca Hall who plays scientist Maya Hansen. This was an attempt to address some stereotypes which has plagued superhero films over time regarding women and how they are shown.

I don’t want to spoil things for those who haven’t seen the film yet, but actor Ben Kingsley was brilliant in his performance as The Mandarin. With his range as an actor in various roles, including the likes of Gandhi (1982) it is easy to see why he was chosen for this particular role. Don Cheadle enters again as Colonel James Rhodes aka War Machine who always seems to be there when Tony Stark needs him most played by Robert Downey Jr.

Mentioning that, if the robotic voice of Jarvis is familiar to you, it was once again done by actor Paul Bettany who also previously worked on the other film releases in this franchise. I was pleasantly surprised to see actor William Sadler in this film playing President Ellis. William Sadler is an underused and underrated actor.

After seeing this film, I can’t help but start humming the tune Iron Man by British heavy metal band Black Sabbath and their second album Paranoid released way back in 1970. Ozzy Osborne and his voice is always distinctively heard. Instrumental sections of the Iron Man song appear in both the trailer and the first portion of the ending credits of the film, and also used within the second trailer of Iron Man 2.

The film is tragedy over triumph shown again in a pretty creative way, and I think that moviegoers will walk away satisfied for a film such as this. I will recommend you catch this one while its still lingering around in theaters. Loads of action after the story gets going a bit, with some comedy thrown in here and there.

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