Nature Calls (2012)

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This contrived comedy tries it’s best to be funny, but ultimately fails along the way. Unfortunately, there are some well known actors in it including funny man Patton Oswalt; who takes one of the leading spots playing the son of a boy scout leader named Randy.

Johnny Knoxville from Jackass fame films plays Kirk. Rob Riggle who you might recognize plays the loud and abrasive Gentry. Some might recognize Patton Oswalt from television, playing Spence Olchin on: The King of Queens (1998–2007) opposite of Kevin James, Leah Remini, Jerry Stiller, and Victor Williams.

The film was directed by Todd Rohal, who previously brought us The Guatemalan Handshake (2006) among a few others who takes the reins trying to work with his own script for this film. His films are quite different and maybe most audiences don’t seem to like these concepts. Maybe one day he will bring a masterpiece, but I’m not holding my breath so far.

I think this film had a good idea, that just didn’t get implemented well, but it drops the ball pretty badly with the overuse of language which didn’t help the comedy aspect to it. Many of the scenes were just plain dumb.

There was a chance this film could have been a hit, but it wasn’t worked out well and the scenes struggle to continue until the end at 79 minutes. I actually fell asleep during the last 15 or so minutes and had to rewind to finish it. Maybe this is why the film only premiered on 2 screens earning a whopping $382 dollars.

Maura Tierney also appears in this film as the wife of Johnny Knoxville, I didn’t think these two were very believable as a married couple regardless of what film they were in. You might know Maura Tierney from television’s ER (1994–2009) among her other work.

Darrell Hammond from SNL (Saturday Night Live) variety show plays Ranger Deakins. Mr. Caldwell is played by the late Patrice O’Neal, a comedian who may have had a career in Hollywood. Sad to say that he passed away at age 41 due to complications from a stroke, the comic also suffered from diabetes.

The story is about two brothers who had a sustaining rivalry throughout the years, if you can believe both Patton Oswalt and Johnny Knoxville as brothers. They eventually meet up in the woods, where Randy and his two other scout masters one of them played by Eddie Rouse as Little Eddie and Bulgarian figure skater Ivan Dimitrov as Ivan. They are then confronted with one another while taking control over the boys at the boy scout campsite in an overnight camp out from hell.

There are a couple amusing scenes in this however, which may or may not put a smile on your face. And for that, I will give the film a couple of stars. More than likely this will be a waste of your time. I don’t recommend this one as it seemed to be a waste of time and money to produce.

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