Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

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This film was both innovative and creative with its use of visual effects and featured creatures on screen. If you are a fan of fantasy, then this is a film you can enjoy with family and friends together. The film picks up where the first one left off, with the leading character Percy Jackson played by Logan Lerman and his two faithful companions both Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) and Grover played by Brandon T. Jackson.

I can’t think of a better trio in recent fantasy films such as this, but what they seem to have together on screen is a good chemistry together. Along the way, there are several new characters introduced into the story, one in the form of a Cyclops half brother (Tyson) to Percy named Douglas Smith who also is a musician off screen.

They go on a quest and are soon to discover once again they are in over their heads racing off into danger and adventure again. This is where Jake Abel enters again reprising his role as Luke from the first film Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief (2010). Both he and Percy are half bloods from the gods including the likes of Poseidon and Hermes. They have different paths to take in life and different goals.

What makes films like this fun to watch are the creative ways they are presented on screen. This entire film franchise is based off a book series by Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. The sequel series follows as well titled: The Heroes of Olympus, which are part of the Camp Half-Blood chronicles.

Percy starts off earlier on in this extraordinary adventure series as a 12 year-old boy with dyslexia and ADHD. It is obvious he is getting older and learning from his past mistakes facing new challenges that lay ahead in his life. And this is what the film touches upon, friendship, family and overlooking differences people can have with one another. This is where one character struggles to accept those around her; she has been a rival to Percy and ultimately faces a reflection of herself later in the story – played by actress Leven Rambin. (She is both sassy and sure of herself).

Laestrygonians do actually appear in this story; they are a tribe of oversized cannibals from ancient Greek mythology. Percy is faced with a series of events to overcome even from the very start of the film. This is such an interesting fantasy realm to experience on screen. It was directed by ironically enough a man named “Thor”. Thor Freudenthal has to date brought to life some amusing films including the hit series comedy film Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010). This film was written by Marc Guggenheim and Rick Riordan.

Stanley Tucci enters this film playing a character named Mr. D. The leader of this enchanted encampment stalled away deep in the forest. He is flamboyantly over the top with his character as done intent ally.

Anthony Head plays the centaur Chiron who you may remember in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series as Rupert Giles among his other work on screen. He certainly makes an impression upon the audience. Nathan Fillion also appears in this film as Hermes and also towards the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer series he played Caleb. One footnote about him, he makes a reference to a canceled television series named Serenity (2005) where he starred as the captain named Mal. This is comical as he makes a reference saying it was canceled too soon and it was the best series on TV.

After having seen this film with my wife in 3-D we left the theater content that we had a good experience. I think this is a film many can enjoy for years to come. I recommend catching this one while its still in theaters sometime.

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