The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

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I recall seeing this advertised – but not until now, did I get the chance to see this. It was not what I expected with the storyline. I think nearly anyone who like science fiction stories, will find this to be pretty interesting. It does have its fair amount of blood and gore being a horror film. So, for fans of this you will certainly think the film is up to par.

There are a few leading actors in this whom you might recognize from something including New Jersey native Kristen Connolly from the Internet series “iChannel”. Wait a minute, was that Thor in this film? Yes, it was none other than Chris Hemsworth who plays a jock named Curt.

The other three leading victims were played by New Zealand native Anna Hutchison, she frequents the screen on a soap opera series titled Shortland Street. Also, she was a Power Ranger (the yellow one) as Lily Chilman / Yellow Cheetah Ranger. Fran Kranz plays Marty a stoner type character, who lives life through a thick cloud of smoke. One footnote about Fran, he went to school alongside actor Jake Gyllenhaal and both of them were in the 2001 release Donnie Darko. One of Kranz’s very first movies. Jesse Williams plays the character Holden who is a intellectual jock with a heart.

This film is classified as a horror/mystery/thriller and I believe this film lives up to this. What I didn’t like initially about this film was the plot setup and how the road trip started. Other than this little pet peeve, I thought the story was rather interesting especially how it unfolds. The man behind all of this is none other than Joss Whedon who served as a producer on this project. I believe he has a good eye for talented actors and the ability to work well with them.

The film was directed by Drew Goddard, who also has worked with Joss Whedon. There are several projects which they collaborated on including the television series Angel (A spinoff show of Buffy the Vampire Slayer). This explains why actress Amy Acker (Lin) appears in this film as well. (She played Winifred ‘Fred’ Burkle / Illyria on the series Angel)

A few other recognizable actors are in this including both Richard Jenkins who plays Sitterson and Bradley Whitford who plays Hadley. I thought that Tim De Zarn’s character Mordecai could have had more of a role in this and been an x factor type character.

Back to the storyline, this film follows five friends who head out into the wilderness to stay for a getaway while there – they encounter loads of terror and much more than they ever thought possible. What is really going on out here, is the big underlining mystery and they must discover the real truth of things.

I recommend this film as it is not what you might expect; both my wife and I enjoyed it and thought it was something kind of different from the norm.

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