The Joneses (2009)

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There is a fair share amount of animosity which exists in this story written by Randy T. Dinzler and Derrick Borte (Derrick Borte also directed). The film makes some fine points about society and what it takes to stay on par with others, ultimately taking things way too far.  It is disturbing to think society has degenerated this far since the “Leave it to Beaver” days of life. (A television series which aired between 1957-1963)

The characters in this film are both shallow and superficial; they are put in place to promote products to communities leading to more sales and more money for corporations. I thought the casting for this film was pretty interesting and well rounded.  One cannot argue the veteran status both David Duchovny who plays Steve Jones and Demi Moore who plays Kate Jones bring. I personally would have never thought these two would be in a film together, but it worked out well.

Amber Heard appears in this film playing Jenn Jones, she was smoking hot on screen and I can see why she was chosen for this role aside from her physical looks. Demi Moore certainly was easy on the eyes as well.  I have never seen Ben Hollingsworth before until this film, he plays Mick Jones. So, there you have it, these are the Joneses, a family of four pushing the suburban society onward to bigger and brighter things in the form of merchandise.

The neighbors featured in this story are portrayed by Gary Cole as Larry Symonds; you might remember him in films such as Office Space the 1999 cult film by Mike Judge. Glenne Headly plays his wife Summer Symonds. Glenne Headly has appeared in a number of films, including one of my favorite comedy remakes Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988). She was brilliant in the role and in this film she was great too.

I think people will be surprised with this film, it was not exactly what I expected, but it keeps you hanging in there until the end. It shines the light on what is wrong with our consumer society and how everyone feels they must have bigger and better than everyone else. Kind of like small children in the sandbox not sharing their toys. A selfish type attitude and self entitlement is really apparent while seeing this.

Lauren Hutton enters in some scenes; she plays a character simple known as KC. Aside from her being a former model, to me I will always remember her as Countess in the 1985 feature Once Bitten. This was a film which a very young Jim Carrey appeared in.  In The Joneses she didn’t have much screen time to be judged overall for her role.

Christine Evangelista who looks totally different outside this film, has a smaller role playing Naomi Madsen.  Chris Williams also is in this film playing a flamboyantly gay hairdresser named Billy. His character was pretty stereotyped, but none the less amusing.

I think this comedy/drama film was worth seeing; it makes some fine points about a few issues and keeps things interesting with the dialogue and scenes to recommend this to others. Overall, it was well put together on the production end of things.

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