The Muse (1999)

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This musing tale of misfit is absolutely intriguing and creative with a loaded cast of talented actors . It was directed by the leading actor/writer Albert Brooks, who is always a captivating presence on screen. This is the first time I’ve seen this film in its entirety, I caught a few minutes of it on television once long ago; and made a mental note to watch it. Now, I’m glad I spent the time to see it, enjoying it with my wife we laughed and found the film to be quite an amusement overall.

Both Sharon Stone and Andie MacDowell co-star in this film with Albert Brooks. Andie MacDowell portrays his wife Laura Phillips and then enters Sharon Stone into the story playing “The Muse” named Sarah Little where she shakes things up as a muse of mayhem. His life at this point was starting to drag him down in different ways.

A couple other famous faces find themselves in front of the camera including Jeff Bridges who plays Jack Warrick, the best friend of Steven Phillips (Albert Brooks). Cybill Shepherd appears in one scene and in another scene Lorenzo Lamas and Jennifer Tilly both make cameos. Bradley Whitford plays the screenwriter’s agent to Steven Phillips. I thought he was great and has appeared in numerous films over the years. I will always remember him as Roger in the Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise film released way back in 1987.

Mark Feuerstein also appears in this film playing Josh Martin the green-light man at Paramount Pictures. You will see how he keep Brooks on the edge with his character in several of the scenes.

This film was based on the idea about the 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne in Greek mythology; thrown into a modern day world setting. I thought it was a rather innovative script by Brooks. I think people who enjoy films by certain directors including Woody Allen would enjoy this brand of humor. If you can compare Albert Brooks to Woody Allen in some respect.

The ping pong battle between both Sharon Stone and Albert Brooks is what drives this picture along, it is really a fun to see them throw lines back and forth at one another. The film is guided by a well fanned out script and the insightful direction by its leading star. I think there are a limited number of people who can pull this off and Albert Brooks is one of them.

In one of the scenes, there is a nice backdrop provided by it was neat to see this aquarium which is located in Long Beach, CA.

This clever styled comedy (Also known as “Dea del successo, La”) , has cameos some movie buffs might find neat to see which also include directors James Cameron and Martin Scorcese. The film provides about 2 hours of comedy to eat your dinner in front of during some weeknight. I recommend catching this one sometime, it was worthy of a watch.

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