The Numbers Station (2013)


This film didn’t live long at the box office, but don’t let this stop you from seeing it now. The film is a pretty straightforward story, but it grabs hold of you keeping you lingering around until the end. I found the story written by F. Scott Frazier to be a solid thriller, keeping up the suspense throughout most of the film.

Danish director Kasper Barfoed steps behind the camera and guides these actors. There seemed to be a pretty good chemistry on the set.  This seems apparent after watching an interview with producer Sean Furst.

The leading cast is quite small, but the way the story unfolds, this works to its advantage, there seems to be a real sense of the unknown where you wonder what might happen next. I believe this gives the film a stronger backbone spreading around a sense of mystery.

Swedish beauty Malin Akerman turns in a solid performance, playing a character named Katherine. She is a remote code announcer literally in the middle of nowhere, spending some of her time inside a bunker located remotely in the United Kingdom.

After circumstances beyond his personal control, black ops agent Emerson Kent played by veteran actor John Cusack, takes on the role of guardian keeping Katherine safe after receiving new orders.

Things get shaken up fairly quickly and before you know it, both of them are immensely in danger.  Emerson is conflicted with feelings of remorse which throws him off balance in clear judgment.  His almost robot like responses are what has kept him alive through his career.

Originally, actor Ethan Hawke was picked for the role of Emerson Kent, but dropped out later being replaced by John Cusack. I found John’s performance in this comparable to his character in the 1997 release Grosse Pointe Blank starring opposite of Minnie Driver only without the comedy. Malin Akerman was specifically chosen for her role bringing a down to earth kind of quality to the character with morality.

Irish actor Liam Cunningham plays a character simply known as “Grey”. Fans of the television series Game of Thrones will recognize him as Davos Seaworth.  Lucy Griffiths appears in this film playing Meredith. You may know her as Nora Gainesborough from the TV series True Blood.

Overall, I think this film will find people somewhere in the middle of the road, it wasn’t the greatest film ever made nor was it the worst. I myself enjoyed it for the most part while watching it with my wife.