The Perfect Student (2011)

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I’ve always found Canadian actress Natasha Henstridge to be captivating on screen, she is a beautiful woman and most remembered from films such as The Whole Nine Yards (2000) and the science fiction hit Species (1995). This made for television movie “The Perfect Student” certainly shows itself as one. It was directed by Michael Feifer known for films like Abandoned (2010) starring the late Brittany Murphy.

The script for The Perfect Student was written by Peter Sullivan and Jeffrey Schenck. It was initially a good idea, but the implementation was very poorly executed. This made this film boring and didn’t really engage the audience as it should have. What were people thinking when they green lighted this production when it first aired?

The best thing really about this film is Natasha Henstridge as Nicole Johnson, she makes an effort here to do something with the script, but it wasn’t enough to save this miserable production. I was puzzled at how Jay Pickett fit into the story; he portrays John, Nicole’s husband.

One other familiar face which graces the screen is Texas native Brea Grant. You might know her as Daphne Millbrook from the television series Heroes which aired back in between 2008-2009. In this movie, she plays a character simply known as “Jordan” being the number one suspect for a murder investigation.

Actor Michael Bowen is police detective Walker who is in charge of this investigation. It is pretty laughable; there isn’t really any detecting of anything other than Natasha’s character Nicole doing everything! Josie Davis plays fellow colleague and friend to Nicole (Natasha) and tries her best to fit into the story. These two women are both collage faculty. (If I had two teachers that looked like these women, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate very well) It seemed slightly unrealistic how this school operates.

Of course this was a lower budget production, yet it did have room to grow into something better, but it falls short upon the viewer, leaving them wondering why things turned out the way they did, in this simple storyline – which follows the murder of Laura played by actress Carlson Young. She of course didn’t have much of a role in this movie; I thought in another production, she could play the sister of Kate Mara. These two certainly look VERY much alike.

I watched this movie with my wife, and we were both literally falling asleep while watching it. I still can’t believe we finished it. Anyways, I don’t recommend anyone to see this as it was pretty much a waste of time. This film fell flat on so many different levels. If you are a fan of Natasha Henstridge, you may appreciate this slightly more. I will say one thing positive about this film, the outdoor cinematography was done nicely.

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