Warm Bodies (2013)

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For a film which is based upon a rather unusual premise, this film seems to capture something kind of real, or shall I say unreal. It is a story about young love in a post apocalyptic world setting. These two have all the odds stacked against them to be together based on what has happened.

An outbreak occurred and now the world is plagued with undead roaming around. There are two versions of these ravenous flesh eating beings, a more run of the mill type walking corpse and what they call boney’s who are nothing but skeletons without flesh on their bodies, extraordinarily dangerous.

The idea behind this story is that the corpses (zombies) are able to retain the memories of their victim which seems to change them over time. They gain the ability to remember the memories of their victims in this setting. This leads to an interesting scenario between the leading two cast members both Nicholas Hoult who plays “R” and Australian native Teresa Palmer who plays Julie. Hoult’s character consumes Julie’s boyfriend’s brain the character Perry is played by Dave Franco.

It happens that “R” is a walking corpse with not much going on upstairs (in his thoughts), this was a tricky role to cast and Hoult seems to do a pretty good job carrying the film without muttering many words most of the time – other than a voice over narration.

This walking corpse is completely smitten by Palmer’s character Julie. He immediately feels some type of connection to her at first glance. These two set forth a series of events that will forever change the world and what happens to the remaining human life on Earth.

This film was directed by Jonathan Levine who previously directed films like 50/50 (2011) and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006). He was the right guy for the job on this production and it certainly shows.

Some of the supporting cast includes Analeigh Tipton playing Julie’s best friend Nora, she only gathers some limited screen time, but each time I see her, I’m impressed by her. Actor Rob Corddry also appears in this film as a walking corpse known simply as “M”. A few light hearted moments are suggested with his character, he is known for his comedy on screen. The one and only John Malkovich also appears in this film as Grigio, father to Julie. He is the fearless leader rising against the walking dead.

What worked well were both Hoult and Palmer on screen together, this film didn’t take itself into another direction, it keeps things simple which seemed to work out well for this story. Actually, this story wasn’t what you might expect; it was rather engaging and a simply love story wrapped up in a post apocalyptic zombie setting. It was actually better than I thought it would be less razzle dazzle and more about a relationship forming between two “people”.

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